I agree to release all liability from Haggerty Dog Training, LLC their representatives, and any facility, including buy not limited to its leaseholders and landholders, where group obedience classes are held and its representatives from anything, I, my/our dog or someone else and/or their dog may do. I accept full responsibility for everything and anything, I, my/our dog may do. I am also aware that my/and/or my dog’s picture may be taken and becomes the full property of Haggerty Dog Training. It also understood that the cost is for a complete course and refunds are NOT given, under any circumstance. It is also understood that if my dogs shows signs of aggression, he or she will be asked to leave class immediately without refund. The signed agree to be on time for all classes with the proper equipment. The signed agrees that the same handler will be at class with the same dog every week. The signed realizes that daily practice sessions are critical and must come to class each week fully prepared for the next lesson in order to achieve optimum results. The signed (by submitting this form) agrees to these terms.



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