Early Intervention is Key to Dog Obedience

We all know that our adorable puppies and full grown pooches have the capacity to make us total pushovers sometimes, but early obedience training can help mitigate problems in the now and prevent further misbehavior down the road.

That being said, if you missed the boat on proper training when your dog was a puppy, or you adopted Fido as an adult, then obedience classes are crucial to curtail bad behavior and get your doggie on the right track.

At Haggerty Dog Training in Midland Park, Bergen County New Jersey, a lot of pooch parents admit to us that they have gotten a touch lazy with praising good behavior and unknowingly encouraging naughtiness by treating their pup to something just because it’s begging. So obedience training is also wonderful and efficient for anyone — canine or human — who needs a refresher.

One of the most common bad behaviors we hear about here at Haggerty is inappropriate chewing. No one wants their shoes ruined, and they certainly don’t want to run their dog to the emergency vet because it got into something toxic. Since puppies explore the world through their mouths, it’s normal for them to feel and lick a bit.

Even though chewing is functional because it’s good for their oral health and can help with boredom, it can be considered dangerous and naughty behavior as well if they get ahold of the wrong object.

So, how do you help your pooch stay away from your shoes and get gnawing on an effective object, like a bone?

Keep a close eye on your growing pup and be sure to “catch him in the act” while he has a shoe or other unwanted object in his mouth. Simply redirect your dog to another item, such as a chew toy.

Once he gets started on that, it’s important to praise him for his great choice in chewing objects! A few “good boys” and gentle pats are sure to make your pooch hungry for more affection and want to please you by only going after the items meant for him.

It won’t happen right away, expect a few more arguments over shoes and a little stubbornness from Fido before he gets the hang of it.

Young pups and even adult dogs need to be stimulated so they don’t get bored. Haggerty’s Puppy Socialization Hour, happening from noon through 1:00 p.m. at our Midland Park facility, is a great way to introduce your pup to new things.

Socializing your pup with other dogs and introducing them to sounds, places, smells, sensations and people will go a long way in preventing phobias and disobedient behavior later on.

Signs of Stress in Dogs

Humans deal with lots of stress nowadays, whether it’s work or health-related, family issues or just general burnout. It should be noted that a human’s emotional state has a definite impact on their pooch. Regardless of whether you are part of the reason your dog seems down or anxious, or if “Spot” appears a little sad even though you are on the up and up, it’s definitely possible for dogs to get stressed out.


Like us, every dog has a unique personality. He’ll have his ups and downs, but mostly there is a benchmark personality on which you can measure if your pup seems “OK” based on comparisons to his “normal” behavior.


It seems easy enough to tell if your dog is acting differently than usual He may appear depressed or anxious. And also, like us, stress has a negative effect on a dog’s health.


Here are some signs so you can identify whether or not there may be an issue of some sort, and how to nip this discomfort for your dog and any related behavioral problems in the bud so you and Spot can live a better life.



Digestive issues and changing bathroom routines


Whether it’s diarrhea or constipation, there is a possibility it may be related to anxiety that your pet is feeling for whatever reason. Look out for any warning signs of food-borne illness, such as blood in the vomit and/or stool. If the issue(s) are severe, contact a vet. Your doctor will be able to determine the source through a health assessments and subsequent testing, as necessary.



Sudden disinterest in food

We all know dogs love to eat. It seems to be their reason for everything at times. If your dog seems to have little interest in food out of the blue, that’s a sign of stress or another health issue. Pups love a good meal, so a drastic cut in food intake is reason enough to get the pooched evaluated.



Unusual amount of alone time

While some dogs crave the cuddles of their family, other like to hang alone from time to time. But if you find your dog alone a majority of the time in an effort to isolate himself than that is typically considered strange behavior, and should be checked out.


If your vet determines this behavior isn’t due to an underlying medical condition, Haggerty Dog Training can help get your and your pup on the right track. Contact our Midland Park and Bergen County, New Jersey facility today!

Winter Activities for Your Dog

Just because winter has hit New Jersey doesn’t mean your pup’s need for daily exercise is no more. This time of year dogs can feel even more cooped up than usual since their walks might not last as long or happen as frequently because us pet parents sometimes are in a bit of a rush to escape back indoors away from the cold weather.

A great indoor activity that will keep Fido occupied for a bit is an interactive treat. There are many products for sale at pet and regular stores that have little storage pockets where you can hide treats for your pooch. Your dog is stimulated by the toy and kept busy trying to get to the goods, using up some time and brain power in the process. He will feel a sense of accomplishment once he reaches the treat and you will feel good that you kept his mind and body active for a bit, learning can be delicious for pups!

And of course, you could always bring them to any of Haggerty’s training classes, like “Good Dog Obedience.” Has your dog is been a little crazy lately following the December rush? Maybe the holidays got them in a tizzy of excitement and now the sudden lack of activity has them all confused.

Or get a new pup for the holidays? Your new furry family member will receive proper training, a chance for socializing with other little pooches and they will have fun — all indoors if necessary — at Haggerty dog training’s Puppy Socialization Hour. Is your puppy 8-weeks to 5-months old? Get help with house training, nutrition and basic problems such as biting, jumping and chewing from Babette Haggerty, who helped write The AKC Train Your Puppy Right book!

At the end of the class your dog will take the AKC Star Puppy test for certification.

Don’t Let Holiday Chaos Affect Fido

Babette Haggerty spoke with radio show The Pet Buzz about naughty canine behaviors during the holidays and how to deal with them.

With the holiday season comes chaos and changes to your normal routine — and for that of your pet. The dog might get brave and try to steal a treat, they may be jumping on furniture and on guests. To nip this issue in the bud, you will need to teach her dog the meaning of the word “place” — this will enable your dog to be in its place, calm and not moving before the door is even opened.

The place can be its bed or a particular spot near the door. You can teach the dog to stay there for up to three minutes, but to teach the dog that the owners must start at the door and say “Rover, place.” Walk over with the pup, throw a treat onto the bed or place. Bring him back to the front door and then back to the place, bait them to stay with another treat. Build up the length of time each time that the dog stays there. This takes repetitious effort — 10-15 repetitions to his place, and off he goes. Dinner time is the perfect time to practice teaching Rover to stay in his place.

Begging is a problem with a lot of dogs, and not just around Christmastime. Many party hosts worry about dogs begging at the table. At Haggerty, we say to never feed dogs from the table, so they never learn that good things come from that table. The dog should learn to lay down at the owner’s feet right at the table and that she knows to stay there and she’s not getting any morsels of food from that table; she has to stay there calmly.

So, there you have two alternatives: the dog can lay calmly at the owner’s feet or stay in “place” — stay in that particular spot they designated at another time.

If a dog is caught stealing food from the table and counter owners have to eliminate all of the food from the table and the kitchen counter. Babette says, ““I know if I got to eat brownies every time I went over to my kitchen counter I would keep going back over to that kitchen counter.”

Let the dog run around with the leash and collar on when she’s supervising her, and when that dog goes to get up on the counter, grab the leash, tell her no, tell her out and send her out of the room. The dog needs to learn to stay out of the kitchen unless it’s called into the kitchen.

Keep Dogs Calm Around Guests

Who wouldn’t want their dog to be on its best (or at least better) behavior when guests came around? Although you may be the type of household that sees its share of company all year ‘round, the holidays tend to be a busier time for all — with people coming and going. Kids being dropped off, distant relatives and friends dropping by to say hello — there are plenty of opportunities for your dog to lose its cool and get excited at all of these new people and smells.

Don’t let your home become a breeding ground for chaos. Dogs can get frantic in their quest to be the first to the door to greet guests, and regardless of their intentions, their uncontrolled excitement can startle, scare or even accidentally injure your company. Whether your pup is just super enthusiastic and silly, jumping and running around, or he becomes more of a guardian with aggressive behaviors like barking and snarling, it’s important to set boundaries with your pet for the everyday — but especially during this busy time of year we are fast approaching.

No one said training your dog was easy, but with some tasty dog treats, lots of repetition and tons of patience – on his part and yours, it can be done. Babette Haggerty has one mission: “To Train Everyday Families to Have Once in a Lifetime Dogs.” Her training center is convenient to Midland Park and Bergen County, New Jersey and the greater New York City area, and private in-home lessons are offered. Programs include puppy training, dog obedience classes, problem solving, house training and dog trick training.

Though DIY dog training is possible, your pup may require that professional touch, and Haggerty Dog Training is just the intervention your furry family member needs before they become a nuisance during the holiday season. As an experienced trainer and dog owner, Babette Haggerty understands the needs of dog owners. We love our furry friends, but they shouldn’t be the cause of stress, the should be the de-stressor!

Training Sessions: Good Dog Obedience

Everyone wants a “good” dog! At Haggerty Dog Training, our goal is to offer the most training for your money in the Midland Park and Bergen County, New Jersey region, as well as the greater New York City area. Our trainers have decades of experience and have worked with all breeds and sizes, ensuring they can train even the toughest furry clients, helping owners develop a dog’s training base so it is the dog of their dreams.

Cooperation from owners is always a requirement, so you may have a little homework from time to time. But, dog ownership is as much about love and companionship as it is about discipline and patience. For a truly holistic dog experience, it’s imperative owners do their part to instill the training Babette and the Haggerty trainers teach your dog through one of the school’s numerous effective dog training programs.

We primarily use the foundation for training known as the Zen Method and the Haggerty Method. These two methods allow your dog to live a full life because they offer you the techniques and tools that suit you and your dog best.

Experience has proven that by offering several methods, training becomes stress free and the success rate skyrockets! The least stressful way to train your dog and to live a life of balance is to teach desired behaviors and correct misbehavior. The most efficacious and humane way to do this is through a balanced approach such as the Haggerty and Zen Methods. Our goal is to teach you and your dog to live in harmony.We work with you and your dog one on one, until he is trained, while applying the training to real world situations. This course includes six weeks of training sessions September through November for $250, along with Haggerty’s Graduation Guarantee!

Location: Haggerty Dog Training

24 Central Avenue

Midland Park, NJ 07432

Ongoing Canine Education for Haggerty

Haggerty Dog Training  owner, Babette Haggerty, recently received her PDTI and CDT-Advanced certification which are the highest levels of achievement in dog training. She earned these certifications through the International Association of Canine Professionals, which is a world-renowned organization known for raising standards and ethics in dog training.

The International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), according to its mission statement, is dedicated to the education, development and support of dog training professionals world-wide.

The organization’s commitment to the highest quality training increases our members’ skills and abilities, develops professional recognition and improves communication on training best practices through training and professional development programs. Members are part of a community of experienced dog trainers who mentor, guide and cultivate relationships and skills of their fellow members, enabling trainers to reach their full potential.  

For the Professional Dog Training Instructor exam (PDTI), Haggerty Dog Training’s Babette Haggerty showed video footage examples of her dog training instruction skills, also including her ability to work with human “clients” as she taught them training concepts and applied them to their dogs. Judges observed, reviewed and evaluated the footage.

In order to take the exam, applicants must have been professional members in good standing of IACP for one year. In addition, they need to have held a CDT certification for at least one year and have 250 hours of hands on practice as the lead or head dog training instructor for group and/or private classes within the five year period prior to applying for certification.

Each year, Babette attends more than 6o hours of dog training seminars, and was even elected to the International Association of Canine Professionals Board of Directors. Widely known as an extremely experienced, effective and efficient canine expert and dog trainer, Babette has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, and many other national and regional publications and radio stations. A published author as well, with work in numerous national and local publications, including DOGS USA and Off-Lead magazines.

Contact Midland Park, New Jersey-based Haggerty Dog Training at 201-444-9893.

Doggie Boot Camp Provides Comprehensive Training for Busy Families

We all want better behaved dogs, but don’t have the time to take our precious pups to and from training multiple times a week or even once a week for months on end. Haggerty Dog Training “Doggie Boot Camp” workshop is two “high impact” sessions that will whip your doggie into shape behavior-wise, without all of the hassle involved in travel. Two sessions is a money-saver as well; as always, all participants get individual attention, and our program is jam-packed with training tricks and knowledge that will keep your pup positively occupied and on the path to being a better dog and companion.

Conveniently located in Midland Park Bergen County, NJ, this workshop also gives dogs and their owners bragging rights: who wouldn’t want to boast about how their pup graduated from boot camp?

Private dog training can cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and be a total time-sucker, so why not commit to a two-time training class that will work wonders on your dog’s ability to listen and do, making your life easier and your pup happier and with a bigger sense of purpose and satisfaction.

What you get: two separate days of training at 2.5 hours each. You must attend both sessions to graduate from the class. Make your reservation as soon as possible since space is very limited. Those who register also receive a 241-page training manual (a $50 value). Lunch is included on Sunday.

The five-hour, two-day session will teach your dog far more than “sit” and “stay,” focusing on such dog training classics as:

  • Loose leash walking through a crowd and traffic
  • Learning to walk through various door types and entryways — easier access for all! Now walking through revolving doors, elevators and the like will be far more simple.
  • Your dog will learn to sit automatically at curbs, significantly lessening the risk of them running into traffic and dragging you into the mix.
  • Sit-Stay for three minutes with distractions at a 20 foot distance
  • Down-stay for five minutes with distractions at a 20 foot distance
  • Come when called from a 20 feet distance
  • Stand stay while at the groomers and vets
  • Leave things on the ground

Contact Haggerty Dog Training in Midland Park today for more information on our training programs!

Holiday Happenings for Dogs in Midland Park & Bergen County, NJ

Pet Photos with Santa Claus

Whether you have (human) kids or not, your dog may still be your kid, and all kiddos should have the chance to have a picture with Santa Claus around Christmastime.

Jolly pet parents hoping to get their furbabies on Santa’s lap this season are in luck. On Monday, December 7 from 6:00 pm to 8:15 pm, Santa Claus is making a special trip to Haggerty Dog Training to post with your precious pooches!

Each sitting is $15 (for students) $20 (non-students), and includes a 5×7 photo of St. Nick and your doggie. All proceeds will benefit The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey. The nonprofit’s mission, according to its website, is to enhance the independence, dignity and self-confidence of people who are blind, through the use of specially trained Seeing Eye® dogs.

In pursuit of this mission, The Seeing Eye breeds and raises puppies to become Seeing Eye dogs, trains Seeing Eye dogs to guide blind people, instructs blind people in the proper use, handling, and care of the dogs and conducts and supports research on canine health and development.”

Cash or check made out to The Seeing Eye only.  To reserve your time slot, please call 201-444-9893.

Pet Food & Toy Drive

Most people tend to consider the needs of those (humans) less fortunate than them around the holidays -and hopefully all year round- but many don’t realize that not every pet is as well taken care of as their own. Whether owners are going through hard times financially and can’t afford to feed their pet or even themselves and need to give their dog to a shelter, or owners have fallen ill and are unable to care for their dog and needs to give them up for adoption, there are numerous circumstances that lead to a dog being dropped off at a shelter around the holidays.

Shelters are always in need of donated items such as toys and food from the generous communities within Midland Park and Bergen County, New Jersey.

Please bring your toy and food donations to Haggerty Dog Training this month for us to bring to the local shelters. Cat toys and food are also welcome. You can drop them Tuesday, December 8 through Friday December 11 from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm at 24 Central Avenue, Midland Park, NJ.

Does Your Dog Bark Too Much? New DVD Helps Solve Problem

Canine-centered publication, the Doginton Post, surveyed thousands of dog parents on what bothered them the most about their precious pets. According to survey respondents, the number one issue they reported as the most bothersome was barking.

The Post stated they could find very little helpful information that described ways pet parents could train their dogs to stop barking. Due to the lack of information out there on how to train your dog to bark less, the publication compiled a wealth of information addressing this need in order to help the millions of frustrated dog owners out there who love their pets but can’t stand the barking.

The DogingtonPost asked Babette Haggerty to partner with them for this DVD project that will help dog parents find the key to limiting their dog’s barking through training. We humans have more power than we realize! It’s not easy and it takes quite a bit of patience, but this guide will help you work through the tough spots and get your dog’s behavior under control.

Whether dogs bark too much, too loudly, for long periods of time, when the owner is away, when the owner is home and every time they hear a leaf blow off a tree a mile away, the noise is more than a nuisance in their everyday lives and causes real irritation and problems among the family (and neighbors). Whether the barking happens too often, lasts too long or is simply causing a nuisance in their everyday lives.

The Secret Language of Barking is available for purchase, order by phone at 800-500-DOGS. Here’s a little preview video that will give you an idea of what we cover in the DVD., which comes with a Triple Guarantee.

Do you know a dog parent with a barking issue? They will be very thankful for this gift.

This DVD is the perfect holiday gift for a frustrated dog owner who is at their wits end, or maybe just at the starting point and are confused about how to handle a barking pup. DVD supplies are definitely limited, so don’t wait to order. 

Babette Haggerty offers private in-home lessons, puppy training, dog obedience classes, problem solving, house training and dog trick training throughout Midland Park and Bergen County, New Jersey and the greater New York City area.

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Puppy Socialization Hour
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Babette Haggerty helped write The AKC Train Your Puppy Right book. She will be teaching this class and at the end of the class your dog will take the AKC Star Puppy test for certification. Housetraining, nutrition and basic problems such as biting, jumping, chewing will be addressed. This course is designed for puppies 8 weeks- five months.

Refresher Training Session

Open to Day School, Private Lesson and Canine Enrichment Students ONLY!

Saturday, June 17, 2017 12 noon – 1:00 pm


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