Hi Babette,
Thank you so much for your instruction at boot camp – Marnie is so much calmer now, never barks in her crate and is even getting
along with the cat a little.Thanks again – we learned so much! Clarice

Hi Babette,
Thank you so much for everything today!
I truly appreciate you pulling this off for us!!
I know what we asked was a lot, especially when it was so last minute and so close to a big holiday, and I was utterly surprised and
grateful that you were so patient with our ever changing schedule and so kind to make all our request come true!
It was such a pleasure working with both you and Jen.
You must be so tired from the long day with so much unexpected, so I hope you get a good rest tonight.
Thanks again for everything, and please give our best regards to Jen and all the other dog owner who cooperated for us.
Best, Izumi
Research Assistant
“Pochi Tama” Japanese television show

Hi Babette!
Thank you for all your help with Darcy and Lizzy–I was thinking of how much we accomplished in the 4 lessons: Lizzy is now fully
house- trained, she goes up and down the stairs with ease, and both dogs are much more manageable on leash. I’m enjoying them so
much more now!
Linda Z.
Jersey City, NJ


Hi Babette,
I think your class was wonderful. We are practicing what we learned and are finding out what to do to get his therapy
certification. We’ll go on to CD and rally work next. I have made a contact with the Hollywood group. And on top of that I am
interested in agility, herding, tracking and then there was this thing called Heeling with Music I saw demonstrated on the Crufts
dog show the other night.
Thanks for your class.
Léo W. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is a note from Max, the Rat Terrier, who graduated last night. Thank you for helping me become a canine good citizen. Mom
and I have been practicing after work almost every day, and I am actually enjoying obeying her (usually). I don’t even jump up
on Grandma anymore, even though I’m sure she must miss it!
Laurie B. Greenacres City, Florida

Ms. Grant’s Third Grade Class
Palm Beach Day School
Ralph and I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful training you gave Simone. I am so impressed at how well she is
doing and your patience was the highlight of the training. You made it easy and enjoyable.
She did the ride home very well and she knew exactly where she was. Ralph took her to work the next day and she knew the office
as well. What a great memory. We are very excited about her being on your new brochure. As soon as I get a pciture I will email it
to you. Again, many, many thanks and wei’ll see you in November.
Best Regards, Stacy, Ralph and Simone the Doberman Delray Beach, FL

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