Dog Training Boarding School – Behavior & Obedience Training

Think you have a problem pup and need help getting your dog’s behavior under control?

Haggerty Dog Training Boarding School may be for you if any of the following apply:

  • You love your dog, but just need a break and thought it may be nice to have them get some training while away
  • Your dog is jumping, barking excessively or being aggressive- maybe they are just poorly behaved overall
  • Your dog hasn’t responded to some basic training classes that they took elsewhere and they need to brush up on their obedience
  • You are overwhelmed and just need someone to fix your dog for you?

We can help! Our facilities are conveniently located in Midland Park/Bergen County, NJ, just a 20 minute drive from the George Washington Bridge. We offer two different options for our dog boarding school students.

  1. The dog can board at Camp Bow Wow in Midland Park, NJ. They attend our day school each day, and then we will pick them up and escort them back to their dens in Camp Bow Wow each evening.
  2. The more popular program is placing your dog in the care of our family! Your dog will live with us and sleep in a home environment in peaceful Oakland, NJ.

With either option, the dogs will come to the training center in Midland Park each day. This is where they will have play time with other dogs, as well as training, along with mental and physical stimulation exercises and agility. In addition, the pup will have the chance to learn how to behave in an urban environment.

There’s field trips too! We typically take hiking field trips in the Ramapo Mountains.

Haggerty Dog Training Boarding School training includes:

Behavior problems such as:

  • jumping
  • digging
  • barking
  • chewing

The obedience portion includes:

  • Heel, automatic-sit, come, ‘Leave the Room’- If you drop a glass, for example, and you want your dog to leave the area, this will “command” her to do so. We also cover many other obedience commands.

We would love to have your dog stay here with us and get the training they deserve, allowing you the pet parent, to take the break YOU deserve. Contact Haggerty Dog Training at 201-444-9893 or send us a message on the contact page.