Doggy Day Care & Training in Midland Park & Bergen County, New Jersey

In 1996, Haggerty Dog Training created a new and unique way to train dogs and let them play all day- we opened one of the very first doggie day schools in the country.

Nearly 20 years later in 2015, in Midland Park and Bergen County, New Jersey, we have helped and continue to work with countless canine clients in our doggie “day care” program, where we train, exercise and play with our furry guests.

Dogs are not just pets to many dog parents/owners, they are a member of your family. Leaving your dog in the hands of other people isn’t something to be taken lightly. Wouldn’t you feel less guilty leaving your dog alone for the day after you head out to work if the pup had some fun and stimulating activities to keep him busy until you get home?

Haggerty Dog Training, Day Care and Training is a unique three-week program that provides a convenient way for dog owners to get away for the day while their doggy learns basic obedience, everyday commands and has lots of fun with the qualified trainers.

Our program doesn’t require you to be separated from your pup for more than few hours, so you can see their progress day-by-day. Enjoy better sleep (because the dog will be well-exercised and sleeping peacefully) and a better relationship with your furry companion because of their improved behavior.

Our Midland Park, NJ 3,600 square foot, climate-controlled facility boasts plenty of space for your pup to run about and get more than their daily dose of exercise in, helping to relax the pup and get them in a routine. Calming signals and techniques are also taught in this course.

After three weeks of daily fun, you and your pup will join Babette Haggerty and staff for follow-up sessions to help you and your dog “communicate” and apply their new skills they learned at the Haggerty Dog Training daycare and training program.

We will address common dog behavior problems such as jumping, digging, barking and chewing in this daily program, in addition to various dog obedience tactics and commands including the following:

  • Heel – Your dog will walk next to you on a loose leash while walking down the street- even as you pass other dogs and children.
  • Automatic-sit – When you stop walking your dog will sit without being told.
  • Sit-Stay – You can put your dog in a sit-stay for up to three minutes, walk away and she will stay where you left her even with distractions, i.e. children running past.
  • Come – Your dog will come to you the first time you call her from a thirty-foot distance.
  • Down-Stay – Your dog will stay while laying down for up to five minutes even with distractions such as other dogs, even if she can not see you.

Also included are numerous other commands in addition to the ones listed above. Bring your doggy on down to our Midland Park, New Jersey facility and visit with our trainers. Contact Haggerty Dog Training at 201-444-9893 or send us a message on the contact page.