Bathroom Command for Dogs

There is nothing more convenient than teaching your dog to eliminate on command. If you live in the northeast, like New Jersey’s Bergen County or the surrounding areas, it can be difficult when it’s raining and snowing to have your dog sniff and sniff and sniff until she finds a suitable spot for #1 and then #2. Also, if you live in a city where you must walk your dog instead of letting her out in the yard, the “do your business” command encourages her to go in an expeditious fashion.

A client asked if we could train her Pomeranian to go to the bathroom on command. “I have an apartment in New York City, and it is a nuisance to take her across the street to the park during a blizzard for her to sniff around taking her time to go to the bathroom,” my client said. I know many others who echo that statement. Having a dog is a joy, but it can also be tons of work. Minimizing the amount of time you have to spend in inclement weather or waiting and waiting for your dog to make is both convenient and makes your dog more obedient in general.

The first step is being able to tell when your pup needs to go. This is yet another reason to have your dog on a strict eating schedule- predictability. Having an eating routine means a more predictable bathroom routine, and hopefully no accidents!

Any time a dog is crated for a while or active- running around with the kids, etc- she will probably need a walk outside to eliminate.

The bathroom command also happens to be very easy to teach. Let’s take your dog outside:

  1. Allow her to sniff.
  2. As she sniffs and circles, say, “Do your business,” “Go make,” “Let’s potty,” or whatever else you would like to call it. Pick a statement and stick with it.
  3. As soon as she starts to relieve herself, stop the verbal command.
  4. It is not necessary to give her a treat. The reward is in the relief of having gone to the bathroom. Don’t you feel better once you go to the bathroom? Sure you do.

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