Puppy Nutrition and House Training

Puppy food is a major factor in the success of “potty-training” your new puppy.

Nutrition plays an important role in house-training, whether you have a big dog or a toy breed– but, with so many foods on the market, how do you know what effect each will have on the health of your dog and the ease with which it is able to become house-trained in an efficient manner?

These general guidelines should help you narrow down the countless puppy food choices to find the formula that best suits your pets nutritional needs.

Pay attention to sodium content.

Make sure you choose a food that is low in sodium. Puppies need to drink a lot of water, and many commercial pet foods have high sodium content, which will make your new pup drink more water. Drinking water isn’t bad for puppies, but be aware that just like people, the more little Buddy drinks, the more he’ll have to urinate.

Sodium levels are generally higher in supermarket brand dog foods than the premium foods that use human grade ingredients. Moreover, dog foods that use animal by-products, which means the food consists of clean parts of the animal carcass (necks, feet, and intestines), may increase bowel movement size and frequency.

The first five items listed under the ingredients on the puppy food packaging are the most prominent in the food, as dog food manufacturers are required to list ingredients in descending order.

The frequency and amount your puppy eats also affects its bathroom habits.
It’s standard for puppies to eat three times a day through the age of six months. After that time period, you can go ahead and cut the feeding schedule back to two meals per day. If it’s not possible to feed your pup three times a day to start out with due to work schedule or some other limitation, twice a day is usually fine. Again, the more a pup eats, the more they will have to use the bathroom, so be sure to match the pup’s bathroom breaks with its feeding schedule.

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