Potty Training Toy Breeds

Paper-Training is often a good option for toy breed dogs. When a client told me she wanted to paper-train Sugar, her Toy Poodle, because she traveled often between Palm Beach and Boston, I told her it would be easy, given Sugar was only 10 weeks old. The client’s apartment in Boston was across the street from a park, and she didn’t want to worry about going outside to take the dog out during bad weather. So for her, paper-training was the right choice.

However, if you have an older toy dog that is still not house-trained, paper-training may also be a good option for you. It doesn’t matter where you live, but owners of young pups throughout Midland Park, Bergen County, and all of northern New Jersey take note- we definitely see our share of wintry stormy weather.

Have an extra bathroom you rarely use? That’s a great option for a paper-training area. If you don’t have a separate room, you can simply block off a small area in your bathroom or kitchen. Instead of wall-to-wall carpet, the dog’s new “apartment” will be wall-to-wall newspaper, with a small spot for her bed and water dish.

The only place the dog will relieve herself will be on newspaper. After all, that is all that is on the floor. How can she go anywhere else? Over time, you will start making the paper area smaller, one small sheet at a time.

If the pup goes on a non-papered area, immediately go back to putting more paper down. Keep going until she only goes to the papered area. Give it time, persistence and patience. She will learn it well.

However, don’t make the mistake of starting your toy breed dog on newspapers with the thought that once she is older you will then house-train her. Putting papers down will teach her that it is OK to do it in the house.

Along as you are patient and persistent, you will successfully house-train your dog. If you have a toy breed, I can’t emphasize it enough: if she isn’t nearly perfect by four months, get professional help. One big mistake people will often make is that they try paper- training, then crate-training, and back to paper-training. That only confuses the issue and the dog. Pick what is easiest for your lifestyle and know you can both do it.

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