Happy New Year Doggie Resolutions 2014

It is that time again where we resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, stop cursing and the list goes on.  How about making a resolution with your dog? Here are a few ideas:

1.  Commit to a 15-30 minute brisk walk each day. You can both reach your exercise goals.
2.  Commit to spending five minutes a day teaching your dog a trick. Roll over and play dead are easy to teach and fun for your dog.
3. Help support a local rescue group. You can offer to foster a dog, walk a dog or even fundraise for a group. 
4. Be a good neighbor.  Spend a morning at the local park and clean up the poop others left behind.
5. Be a conscious consumer.  When traveling choose pet friendly hotels, whether you have your dog with you or not.  Let the management know too.  They will appreciate it.

These few things can easily become habits which can be incorporated into your life and help make the world better for you and your dog.

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