Thanksgiving Safety for You and Your Pet

Dear Friends,
I hope you are staying warm as the cold sets in for the winter.  I would like to give you a few tips for keeping your pooch safe for this Thanksgiving Season.
1.  Before leaving for the festivities or having guests, give your dog a brisk walk to allow him to calm down and burn off some energy.  
2.  The safest place for him while you have guests coming in and out is the crate or a quiet bedroom. You don’t want him to slip out the door unnoticed, only to be looking for him after the party ends.
3.  Keep the trash secure so that he can’t access the garbage and eat something that will get him sick.
4. All retailers look forward to Black Friday but the busiest day for a vet’s office tends to be that same day.  Don’t allow your guests to give your dog any food from the table. This is another good reason to keep your dog away from the holiday feast either in a bedroom or in his crate.
5.  Make sure that your dog’s tags are secure. They often can break off without notice.  
6.  Keep the emergency veterinarian information handy. Especially, if you are traveling, know in advance how to contact the emergency clinic and where they are located.
7.  If you are traveling by car, make certain your dog is secured in a bag or crate in the care or wearing a seat belt harness.
8.  When traveling, make sure you bring your dog’s regular food and water. You may not find the same food in another region and you do not want to switch diets quickly, otherwise you will run the risk of diarrhea.
I have a lot to be thankful for this fall. Not just my awesome students but my new book just came out, The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet. It has received rave reviews in the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Charlotte Observer, The Atlanta Journal, Animal Fair Magazine and even the Christian Science Monitor.  There are more reviews coming in every single week and I have a lot of radio and tv appearance coming up as well.  
If you would like to have a fun night with your dog, we will be having a Trick Contest and Puppy Hour, Tuesday, December 10 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm at the Woof Gang Bakery, Allendale, NJ.  
Most of all, stay warm and have an abundant Thanksgiving.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

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