Crates or Shall We Call it The Puppy Bedroom?


        The crate is the most important piece of equipment, next to the leash.  The crate becomes the dog’s home. It is a safe place and the most helpful tool when it comes to house training.  It keeps the puppy from getting into trouble around the house, stops accidents from occurring and another important thing that many people fail to consider is that if your puppy is ever hospitalized they will be placed in a crate for their safety. If they are not use to the crate, they will become very stressed and that hospital stay becomes more difficult for your dog.  So it is important to allow them to become use to the crate.  You can keep their bed and toys in there. It is their safe space, just like having your own bedroom as a child.

        The two most popular crates are the wire crate and the airline crate.  There are advantages to each and the differences in price is negligible.

        The wire crate is foldable and easy to store or transport even when empty because it folds flat.  It can also be much lighter in weight than the plastic style airline crate.

The wire crate is open and some people feel better having their dog in something that is “open” and that the dog can see what is going on around them.  Many crates today are very cost effective because they often come with a divider which enables you to make it as small as necessary when it is a young puppy and as the puppy grows in size, you can make it bigger.

        Many people mistakenly put the small puppy in a large crate but that creates house training issues which will be discussed in chapter three.

        If you are prefer the wire crate the best one to get is one that has a divider and then purchase one that will fit your puppy when they are fully grown.

        The other option is an airline crate.  If you are purchasing your dog from a  breeder who  will be shipping the puppy to you, you will most likely receive the appropriate sized crate for the puppy when he arrives.  As long as the crate is not over sized, meaning it is not very roomy, you can use the same crate for house training.

        The advantage of the airline crate is the fact that you will always have it should the need arise for you to fly with your dog.

        Many people like the airline crate because it offers a cool, warm, dark area, is easy to clean and since it is made of a heavy duty plastic when the dog moves around in it, it is not as noisy as a wire crate.  The enclosed crate also stays very cool on warm days.

        The down side of the airline crate is that should you decide to stop using it for a period of time, it is not as easy to store as a wire crate.  It is recommended that you never get rid of your crate permanently as you never know when you will need to use it again.  Always keep in mind the ability to store your crate when deciding whether or not to get an airline type crate or a wire style crate.

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