Howling Poodle

I met someone on a message board who was soliciting help for their howling Poodle. This was my advice:
Sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your neighbor. Unfortunately, this is common. This is what you need to do.1. Buy a voice activated tape recorder.2. Place a 120 minute tape in there.3. When you are leaving the house say: “It is now 8:47 am Wednesday the 2nd” NOT “It is about a quarter to nine.” This small difference will make a huge difference should this go further. Then leave the tape on voice activation record. As soon as you walk back into the house, walk straight to the tape and announce the exact time into the tape. Keep a log and the tapes of this and I will bet you a million dollars that in a few short days you will find that your dog’s howling, if it exists at all, is much shorter than the ALL DAY the neighbor claims. Once you have this proof the neighbor will lose all credibility. I have seen this happen countless times over the years training dogs and the complaints go away as well.

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